Treatment plan & product for premature ageing.

In the previous blogs we have discussed what is premature ageing, how do we get it, what we can start doing to prevent it or slow the process down and then what supplements to introduce into your diet to also help slow down the aging process.

So ageing start pretty much around 25 (wow that is depressing), BUT what most people that age don’t realise is you can’t always see the premature ageing when it has already started beneath the surface. With skincare prevention is better than cure but most of us; including me only really start when we see the first wrinkle.

It is really important to start with good homecare routine as well as going for your treatments, some treatment are for good old skin health, some are problem spesific, some are for maintenance. It is very important to talk to your therapist, do a proper skin analysis and get the right treatment plan set up for you.

I work with Kalahari Lifestyle, so the products and treatment plan I recommend is from this product house… which I just love by the way.


This is a good base to start from, you are going to use your homecare product every day, so it’s good to get it right and invest in it.  The homecare I am going to recommend is for premature ageing, and assuming you have nothing in your cupboard. It is called Phase 1. As your skin gets healthier your or your skin changes your homecare might change.

Homecare Plan for Premature Ageing

PREPARE Morning & Evening: Cleanse & Tone. Exfoliate 3 times a week.[Facial Cleanser, Toning Lotion, Enzyme face Buff]

Evening: Anti-ageing gel  OR Revitalising Booster

MOISTURISER Morning: Essential Moisturiser

Evening: Evening Moisturiser

PROTECT Morning: Phyto DDcream & SPF
PREPARE Morning & Evening: Cleanse & Tone. Exfoliate 3 times a week.[Facial Cleanser, Toning Lotion, Enzyme face Buff]
PHYTO EFFECTIVE TREATMENT Morning: Anti-Ageing Gel  OR Ferulic CEB+ Serum

Evening: Intensive Night Serum

MOISTURISER Morning: Phyto-rich Moisturiser

Evening: Ultra-rich Skin Complex

PROTECT Morning: Phyto DD cream & SPF

Product Prices 2019

Gentle Milky Cleanse R226 Gentle Milky Cleanse R226
Facial Cleanse R219 Facial Cleanse R219
Toning Lotion R213 Toning Lotion R213
Enzyme Buff R213 Enzyme Buff R213
Anti-ageing Gel R211 Anti-ageing Gel R211
Revitalising Booster R201 Ferulic CEB+Serum R320
Essential daily Moisturiser R238 Phyto-rich Moisturiser R350
Evening Moisturiser R253 Ultra-rich Moisturiser R386
SPF 40 R291 SPF 40 R291
Phyto DD Cream R143 Phyto DD Cream R143
  • You don’t have to buy all of the products – if you are on a budget – talk to your skincare therapist as to what are the most valuable products for you, and you can always build on your products.

Treatment Plan (in- salon)

This is where you are going to have to do a skin analysis with a qualified skin therapist that has done the proper training with the skincare brand. In this case it would be Kalahari Lifestyle, I decide on the best treatment plan in the best timeframe that suits both your budget and schedule.

Treatments recommended for premature ageing

  • Vitamin C Treatment
  • Phytic Clay Treatment
  • PEC Treatment
  • TCA treatment
  • Derma roller/Micro needling pen

This is EXCITING! There is so many amazing product and treatments for combating premature ageing. You just need to start somewhere, and hopefully your somewhere starts here!

You are welcome to contact me for more information and advice. Also if you are not in the Pretoria area, there is Kalahari Lifestyle skincare specialist all over South Africa, if you are interested I can help you get into contact with someone that might be close to you.

Look out for the some amazing specials heading your way…. Keeping an eye out on social media.




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