My Winter Skin Routine

Winter Skincare routine

Skincare is really one of the most important things you should do everyday. I know it is so easy to forget to go through your routine day and night, but I promise that it is worthwhile.

Ageing gracefully starts by looking after your skin when you are younger. I am not saying I am perfect when it comes to skincare, even being in this line if work (which makes it even worse to make excuses), I sometimes skimp on my skincare, but turning 30 this year I can see changes in my skin, ageing ever so lightly making its appearance.

Also something that has always changed my skin condition is the seasons.
When winter arrives my skin gets really dry and easily dehydrated, I now change my skincare products in the winter from combination skin to those for dry skin, the products I would use for my older clients.

So my Summer Routine consist of
– Gel Cleanse
– Daily moisturizer for combination skin (I could lie and say that I use a night cream as well…but I don’t, to save on some cost – but also in saying that my moisturiser does not have a spf in… that I actually buy separate)
– Spf 40 facial cream
– Eye serum
– Exfoliator

What I change in winter would be my cleanse and my day cream. Instead of a gel cleanser I would use a milky cleanser – I have really found it just puts a barrier on your skin; It leaves your skin without that tight feeling…which is due to dehydration and dryness.

Also then also I would change my day cream to a richer, more nourishing cream… for instance use the moisturizer for dry skin. I even read the other day to use your night cream in the day (if it is suitable for day wear obviously), Night cream tends to be more nourishing.
I would also even add an extra nourishing facial serum to put under my cream, just for an extra boost and nourishment.


Other tips I would recommend…

– Don’t forget to exfoliate 2-3 times a week; you need to get that dead skin off so that the entire nourishing ingredient in your products can penetrate your skin.
– Don’t forget to apply SPF daily – even though its cold the sun can still do its damage.
– Drink water – we tend to not drink so much water because its cold causing our skin to get more dehydrated. If water is not working for you, try green tea, it is full of anti-oxidants
(My favourite is Mint Green tea with lemon & honey…YUMMY)

I LOVE using KALAHARI Lifestyle by Carina Franck, they are locally produced, it is amazing product – my skin and my clients love it – and it is very affordable for a professional skincare product, making it easy to get everything your skin needs.


Here is my Kalahari product list that I use regularly … (and prices) just to give an idea

Gentle Cleansing Milk – R225
Essential Daily Moisturiser – R237
SPF40 Sun protection – R290
Enzyme Face Buff – R212

Other products from Kalahari I really enjoy are…

Revitalizing Booster Gel – R190
(my skin loves this product underneath my day cream)
Marula Face oil – R198
(very nourishing in winter)
Anti – Puffiness Eye serum – R192

I also try to do more intense professional facial treatment, at least once a month like peel or Vitamin C treatment. I will blog about all the different and amazing treatments Kalahari Lifestyle has to offer.

If you want more info the product, please feel free to contact me so we can have a chat
Hope you enjoyed the blog…please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section

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