As creative artists, we don’t always focus on the administrative and business principles required to make our business a success.

Through the years, I have learned the importance of implementing good administration principles which has resulted in my business being profitable and successfully managing the challenges we all faced over the last couple of years.

In 2022, I started with workshops to assist artists in setting up basic business strategies and principles, thus ensuring that their businesses can flourish and be more profitable.

I currently offer the following workshops:

  • Costing Workshop
  • Month-end Administration

Costing Workshop

The workshops focus on the costing aspect of our business. The aim of this workshop is to determine that actual costing related to your packages and pricelists. I will provide the necessary guidance and templates to ensure that you can manage your costing going forward.

This workshop is 4 hours and include lunch and Coffee/Tea/Water

Individual Price: R1000 per person
Group of 4 people or more: R750 per person

Confidence in business!


Month-end Administration

We as an industry struggled through the challenges of Covid and it became clear that the administration side of our business plays an important role in risk mitigation. The aim of the workshop is to assist artists in simplifying administration and ensuring that we manage our cash flow and profitability.

In this workshop, I will provide the guidance and templates to simplify your month-end administration, thus ensuring that you have better control of your finances and profitability.

This workshop is 4 hours and includes lunch and Coffee/Tea/Water

Individual Price: R1000 per person
Group of 4 or more: R750 per person