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So I after hearing so much about NYX cosmetics online, I thought I should give it a try. My initial thought was really to just buy the Total Control Drop Foundation….but who am I kidding right? It seems IMPOSSIBLE for me to only buy 1 make up product when there are so many to choose from…it is very unfair to ask that of me… that a lot of pressure (hahaha)

So ofcourse I ended up with

  1. NYX Total control Drop foundation
  2. NYX HD primer base
  3. Maybelline Master strobing stick
  4. Essence All eyes on me water proof mascara

Lets kick of off with the NYX primer base….loved it!! It sets into your skin very quickly, it is not too silicony ( is that even a word?? but you know what I mean). I find that some primers have so much silicone in that it doesn’t set in to your skin, and then it feels that my foundation just drifts on top of that primer BUT with this primer it is not the case at all.

It is a YES for me!

Then on to the NYX total control drop foundation, I was very curious about this product, because was quite a hype on Instagram on this product. First of all, what is nice about this product is that it is a professional product available at clicks . Unfortuantly there was no tester when I went to buy my foundation,n so all I had to work on the color on the box ( eeeek) but alas I chose right, so that means the color on the box is very accurate. There is also many different shades which is amazing!

On applying the product to my face, about 3-4 drops will cover your whole cheek area. The product blends in easily and also like it sets onto your skin. It feels almost velvety on my skin, not too oily and not too matte. I was very impressed by this product, and would really recommend it to any one!

Then the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick….I mean who doesn’t like strobing…seriously…

All wanted to know is… is it easy to use and is it gonna give me a glow…the answer is ( drumroll please).. Yes and YES!

It is like a strobing lipstick, roll it out, apply and roll it back and it does give you this beautiful subtle glow – especially in sunlight.

The only thing is if you powdered your face and then applied with your strobing stick, it messes your powder set foundation up a bit – in that regard I would rather say use a powder highlighter.

The first day I wore these 3 products I was @ a photoshoot at my moms group and one of the moms that I only met that day, randomly came to me and asked what was I wearing on my face because my skin looks so flawless and dewy. (YESSS!!)

This was the AH-HA moment for these product! So LOVING AAAALLLL of these product… like a lot!

The Essence mascara was just as good – I have actually used this mascara before, it is definitely waterproof. It sits on you lashes…and stays….and stays. It doesn’t give your lashes as much volume and length necessarily, but it is a good mascara to before you apply false lashes, just to give you lashes a little bit of volume.

So that’s it from me… hope I was a little helpful !

If you have any question, just leave a comment!:)





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