I am ageing prematurely?


I swear when I turned 25 I woke up with a new wrinkle, and now at 31 it has become a daily battle…how to combat premature ageing ( it is almost like a swear word), but I figure with knowledge comes power…and in this case with knowledge comes anti-ageing. So this month is all about how to combat ageing –the why and what, product and treatment knowledge, so first things first…

Premature ageing is when the natural ageing process is accelerated through various factors like environment, genetics, hormones or incorrect skincare routine.
Premature ageing shows itself in fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, loss of volume, crow’s feet, sunspots, and dullness in the skin, patchy skin or enlarged pores.

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There are many causes to premature ageing.
– Environmental factors include, sun, climate.
– Genetics – unfortunately you cannot change your genes but you can really try to improve the condition of your skin and also slow down the ageing process.
– Lifestyle factors like your diet, smoking, drinking habits, supplementation.

What you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it, then again if you don’t look after your skin on the outside you are also giving your skin a hard time to keep up.

One of the BIGGEST culprits of premature ageing is the SUN! I cannot stress enough the importance of sunscreen. UVA rays penetrate the skin and damages your elastin and collagen fibres, and this leads to wrinkles. The sun also causes pigmentation, sunspots and spider veins. Depending on what your skin is prone to. It is so important to keep your skin safe from the sun.

A few pointers
– Sunscreen EVERYDAY
– Avoid the sun in the warmest parts of the day 10am – 14pm
– Wear a hat
– Self tan rather than an hour or 2 in the sun…(by that time I would be as red as a lobster anyway)
– When on the beach or golf course or sports day reapply sunscreen regularly and keep an umbrella close.

Now the big question is…can I reverse ageing?

Look, ageing is a natural part of life, it going to happen BUT we can improve our skins condition and slow down the ageing process, and the earlier you start the better.

Here are a few key things that you can start doing.
– Get to a skincare professional and get an idea what is going on, on your skin.
– Get a professional skincare range for your skin condition – I cannot tell you how many people are on the most expensive ranges but it is all wrong for their skin type. I love the Kalahari lifestyle skincare range, I recommend it to my entire clientele and do all my salon treatments with Kalahari lifestyle… it is just amazing and affordable for a professional range.
– Supplements to use….will be in the next blog in detail
– Foods to add to your diet…also in the next blog…coming soon
– Get moving – exercise is good for blood flow, and good blood flow is good for your skin.
– Professional facial treatments will make the world of difference to your overall skin health as well as problem specific areas.

Get to know your skin and be good to your skin…you only get one. I am excited to share in the next blog all about products and treatments for anti-ageing and how to go about it… look out for the next blog….How to kick premature ageing in the BUTT!


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