Hollywood…and I don’t mean the place..

      Hollywood…. And I don’t mean the place…

Being a beauty professional and using salon lingo on a daily basis, you tend to forget that your client has no idea what you are actually talking about when you ask them….Do you want a Brazilian? Or a Hollywood? ( it might be a place, it might be a blowave…who knows?)

Most of you thinking, what the hell am I talking about – but is way to shy to ask what I mean by a Brazilian or Hollywood, because a beauty therapist makes it sound like you are suppose to know.….or you are just to scared to know the answer.

Well I am here to give you all the info you need, without needing to ask.

I’ll try to keep it simple…and remember there is no wrong or right when it comes to waxing…it is what makes you feel confident and sexy.

All Natural 

Actually this doesn’t count as waxing – cause there is no waxing involved…..you just love yourself in the natural state…which is absolutely fine , by the way.

Bikini wax 

This is literally the side of your bikini line. No less, No more!

Extended bikini 

This is a bikini wax taken a bit in a bit further aswell as removing hair at the top of the bikini line. I would suggest this wax when you are going to wear your swimming costume and want to be absolutely sure NO stray hair make their way into the light


This wax removes everything except for a patch/strip right above your “most sensitive spot” 

Leaving something for the imagination….

Now here is where you start getting a bit adventurous. Also for the lady that doesn’t want hair in the sensitive spots but also don’t want to bare it all.


This wax is for the brave and most daring…which tends to be 80% of my clientele, surprisingly enough…a Hollywood wax is everything – front to back – leaving no hair unwaxed! Something I would say to at least try once in your life – even if it is just out of curiousity, you might just be surprised that it is worth the pain

 Lets not kid around waxing is freakin sore BUT it does make you feel like a superstar!

I actually had a client tell me a story, where she just finished with her appointment – got herself a good old Hollywood wax, while driving home, another car turn in front of her… something like that could get me real mad, but she just thought to herself… you go right ahead, you don’t know what I just got done…told you, a wax – any type of wax, can make you feel just a little more confident…that said, there is NOTHING wrong with going the all natural route – God gave us hair done there for a good reason too!

I hope this blog gave you the insight you needed…talk soon!



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