11 Tips for a Glowing Bridal Skin



11 Tips for a Glowing Bridal Skin

What an amazing time it is to be getting married, but unfortunately our skin doesn’t want to play the perfect part. Luckily you usually have a few months before your Big Day to get your skin wedding ready!

It seems like daunting task, but all it is, is a bit of planning and commitment

1. First thing I would recommend is to book an appointment with a skincare professional.

2.  Let them do a skin analysis so that they / you know what is going on, on your skin…the good, the bad and the ugly.

3. Get a skincare range for you specific skin type/condition – if you are on the a tight budget, start with the basics, facewash, moisturiser, exfoliator (*exfoliating is a must have for me)

4. Get an IN-salon treatment plan as well – book your facials & peels (you want to get that skin in PEAK condition! a relaxing facial has never done anyone (especially a bride to be) any harm, even if you just go for the relaxing part.

5. Next up is helping your skin from the inside out! What you eat matters ladies, there are foods that is specifically good for your skin for various reasons. (My next blog will all be “12 foods for glowing skin” explains more.  Look out for it)

6. Also stock up on your Vitamins. The 4 most beneficial for your skin.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Viamin E
  • Vitamin D

For more on these vitamins and how they can effect your skin follow the link https://www.healthline.com/health/4-best-vitamins-for-skin

7. Water, water and water!!! DO I NEED SAY MORE

8. Micro needling – if it’s good enough for Miss SA it should be good enough for you!                                     

( for more info on this treatment, go to read about it on my blog https://mia-may.co.za/2018/01/11/all-about-microneedling/ )                                                            

9. Don’t use dirty towels to dry your face after you have washed you face…we do it without thinking, when we dry our bodies after a shower we dry our faces with the same towels….one word…Bacteria!                                      So either uses a clean face cloth after every wash or just use toilet paper or paper towel to dry your face.

10. Be careful with body sunscreen on your face… it can cause congestion. Invest in a good facial sunscreen!

11. Last but not least, and you have probably heard a 1000 times before….NEVER.SLEEP.WITH.YOUR.MAKEUP.ON!Wash that face doesn’t matter how late you get in bed, tomorrow morning you will be thankful you avoided that little friend that likes to pop up on you forehead uninvited!


So that is it from me! Hope some of these tip will help you get the perfect skin to your perfect day!!!


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