I am so excited to share my FIRST blog post ... there are awesome blogs coming up with everything beauty, makeup and hair.

 But first I thought I should introduce myself and let you get to know me a bit better

My FULL name is Mia Uys…it is quite ridiculous how short my name is - 6 letters in total - that is it! Luckily easy to remember.

I have been married to the most amazing husband Bernard for the last 5 years ( been together for 10) he is my BIGGEST supporter in life and in business!!


I am the mommy of a very precious …and busy little 18 month old boy Eksteen – he fills my days with lots of joy and love….and toys…and diapers…and tantrums….BUT most of all, lots of love!

I LOVE to cook, I try to gym and I love music. 

May of MiaMAy Hair & Makeup – grew from what I love most in this world – my son. He was born in May 2016….so it inspired MiaMay.

Mia May Full Rose Gold Logo

I like my home to be very neat – which it never is….because of my 18 month old who packs out as far as I pack in ( all fun and games at our house)  

I have soft spot for brides… I think because I am married and I know how special it is – I love to be part of that journey. 

Mia Uys with Client

I am the only female in my household – husband, son, dogs – yes ALL of them are male! Totally unfair BUT I do love my boys! 

Makeup, hairstyling or beauty treatments is my escape , it is my passion, I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do – and that it allows me to flexible for my family! It allows me the privilege of time. 

 Writing a blog is way out of my comfort zone but I am doing it, because I believe getting out of your comfort zone makes you grow

 – I am actually finding it quite fun, so I hope you enjoy the it with me!

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