All About Microneedling…


All about Microneedling

I know what your thinking – NOT A CHANCE – but this might be the biggest favour you can give your skin! So let’s rather go with Collagen Induction therapy, it sounds waaaay more appealing.

So let start with WHAT is Collagen Induction Therapy?

This treatment allows for a controlled induction of the skins self-repair mechanism by creating a controlled micro “injury” in the skin which then triggers new collagen synthesis.

Still making no sense..?

If you think when you get a hurt yourself and your skin is injured, it becomes red, inflamed, swollen and then it starts to heal, right?

WHY? Because as your body detects an injury that needs healing – blood filled with nutrients and oxygen is sent to that area to start the healing process giving the area of injury EXTRA attention, growth hormones are released and then immediately your body reuses the damaged collagen and elastin fibres to produce new ones.

MEANING the injured area gets the best of the best as your body heals that area.

Is this making any sense yet?

If you think about it, you can give the best of the best from your OWN body to an area of your choice without hurting yourself terribly.

With Micro needling or Collagen Induction Therapy, your therapist will do the treatment and immediately the healing and regenerating process starts.

The micro needling also creates micro channels straight to the dermis, so applying any topical serum/cream will have so much more effect because it is going straight to the “work zone” (6000 times better penetration than normal application).

Why would you do this treatment?

  • Lack of elasticity
  • Loss of skin radiance
  • Rough and uneven skin tone
  • Fine line & wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Scars – especially indented acne
  • Post-surgical scars
  • Skin dullness
  • Dry skin

Who can’t do this treatment?

  • If you have active pustular acne
  • Eczema/psoriasis
  • Raised moles or warts
  • Rosacea
  • Facial surgery in the last 6 months.
  • If you are on blood pressure/blood thinning or heart medications
  • Diabetes
  • Solar keratosis

What to expect during and after the treatments?

I can only talk out of my point of view, how I like to do these treatments.

Micro needling is a little invasive and sensitive, so I apply a topical numbing cream before the treatment. If you have ever done micro blading – you will understand the concept.

I recommend doing this treatment on a Friday afternoon or during the holidays so that you can stay at home for a day or 2 and give your skin a rest. Your skin will be sensitive and red for a day or 2.

I like to give my clients dos and don’ts for homecare, so that your skin heals, stays clean and you get the best results. I presume all therapists or professionals have homecare for their clients, so make sure you ask them about post-care. It is very IMPORTANT.

Some people tend to shed some skin (like after a chemical peel), but it’s really not a bad thing. In a week or so you will definitely start seeing results in your skin, and mostly likely other people to.

One BIG no-no is going into the sun after such a treatment; you will most probably get pigmentation. Stay out of the direct sunlight (at least a 1-2 weeks)…I am a rather safe than sorry kinda gal 😉

Also please do not do this treatment right before you go on summer holiday, or before your wedding or honeymoon. This treatment you do at least a month in advance. Giving your skin time to heal and become glowing!!

Please do not hesitate to contact me on more info on this treatment, I would be happy to help!






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